Government approved 10% Reservation for Economically Backwards

Following the cabinet approval on 7th January 2019, the Narendra Modi government will move to amend the Constitution in order to grant this Reservation for the economically weaker of all religions including upper castes Hindus.

The Union Cabinet has approved 10% reservation in jobs and education for the economically weak sections in the general category

The poor section doesn't get reservation as of now.

This reservation will be over and above the existing 50% reservation.

This reservation will be availed by the candidates

(1) who's parents earn less than Rs. 8 Lakh annually
(2) Who have agriculture land below 5 acres. and
(3) having a house below 1000 sq. Ft.
(4) having residential plot below 100 yards in notified municipality area
(5) having residential plot below 200 yards in non-notified municipality are

The Government will bring constitutional amendment bill to implement this decision of 10% reservation to economically weaker section.

The Article 15 and 16 of the Constitution provides provision for reservation in Govt. Jobs and educational institutes. The sections will be amended by the brought up bill.

We are of the opinion that the Merit should be the sole criteria for all Government Jobs and educational institute admissions. Government should provide infrastructure and financial support to all section to be able to come to equal to all others. 

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